These 3 brothers became billionaires by copying other people's ideas!

Being creative is valued highly in the competitive startup industry. Oliver, Alexander, and Marc Samwer's narrative shows, however, that there is more than one path to business success. The three German siblings who copied the concepts of others and became billionaires. The Samwer brothers' tale offers lessons for budding businesspeople, despite the fact that their techniques may be controversial. The key to their success, and the business lesson you may learn from their story.

The Samwer brothers were captivated by the rapid growth of eBay, the American e-commerce powerhouse, in the late '90s. They wanted to be in charge of eBay's growth in Europe, but when they reached out, they heard nothing back. Despite this setback, the brothers went on and created Alando, a German-specific version of eBay. Alando became an unexpectedly huge hit, drawing the interest of even eBay.

The End Result: A $43 Million Purchase

eBay recognized the brothers' creativity.  Alando was acquired by the corporation that had first rejected their offer, and the price tag was a whopping $43 million. This purchase was the first in a series of successful ones for the three siblings.

The Samwer brothers' approach of mimicking Facebook continued with the launch of a similar service in Germany under the name StudiVZ. But Facebook sued them for allegedly imitating Facebook's layout and functionality, therefore that endeavor failed. Despite the challenges presented by the legal system, the Samwer brothers were able to sell StudiVZ for $100 million.

The Samwer brothers replicated the success of the American group-buying website Groupon while facing legal obstacles. CityDeal, their new company, was a direct imitation of Groupon. Unlike the Facebook lawsuit, however, this one actually paid out. Six months after its debut, Groupon paid more than $140 million to acquire CityDeal.

Learn from the Samwer brothers' successful journey and apply their lesson to your business: there's no need to reinvent the wheel. The brothers' innovative approach showcased the potential of tailoring established ideas to meet the demands of emerging markets, despite differing ethical perspectives. 

Through strategic analysis and effective implementation, they have successfully leveraged their strengths to achieve significant financial success.

Unlock your entrepreneurial potential and turn your inspiration into a successful business venture. Don't let fear hold you back from achieving your dreams. 

Embrace and adapt to your unique context for a personalized experience. Become our next success story and see what opportunities await you.